CrystalSolutions TarotReader

is a free random tarot card reader, originally borne out of an experiment with random card generation.

You can generate a general reading or a specific "first card chosen" reading from the full set of 22 cards

mouseovers give explanations of card meanings or position meanings.

this free version allows 4 records to be kept with name, notes and time

download here............Windows (11mb), mac OS X (70mb)


if you want to keep a record of readings made, with names, notes and times, and be able to compare readings and interpretations, you need to register......

to unlock/register the solution to enable unlimited records of readings, with
Find, sort and Print, use Paypal here to pay £10.

We will send you an unlocking code. Please also send us an email with your name and email. thanks.

if you are interested in a full 78 card generator or require any additional functions or different spread layouts, please contact us



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