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Help on specific screens such as this one is dealt with thoroughly by the Page Help facility. Information included here is supplementary to that provided in the Page Help, which should be checked out first.


You can use the Contacts screen for logging information about your contacts (business or otherwise). There is currently space for two sets of information which can include:

General Information

You can add a contact to your client list by clicking the Add/Modify button at the bottom of the work area. This command also takes you to the first of the client/patient screens.

The Contacts and Clients (or Patients) records are shared by the same database table. When you add a contact to the clients list (and vice a versa) you are in fact, setting a flag to say that the contact is now also a client. This makes the task of adding records from one type to another type very easy.

Further details about this screen are available in the application's Page Help facility. If you require assistance regarding any part of the product, please contact us on: Support@CrystalSolutions .co.uk.

We can add further information fields to any of the application's screens (where there is space for the addition of fields). You can place a request with our support team, who will be happy to take down the details. However, inclusion of new information-fields into a released version of the product, depends on the general suitability of the fields in question.

Alternatively, we can provide you with a customised version of the product, at your request. For details about creating customised applications and all our other services, please e-mail our sales department on: Sales@CrystalSolutions .co.uk.