Nutrition & Herb/Remedy/Supplement Invoicing


Request Diet Diary prints out to the particular patient, and you can input results below or if you click the little squares to the right of 'original' and 'follow up', you can dictate the info, which can be heard by simply double clicking the squares; (you need audio input/mic set up for this)


Supplementation & Dietary Advice is added via the drop lists and arrows below, and clicking print button at bottom sends the Rx

to the letter chosen with the particular patient's details and address; just click the Paste text/rx button when you arrive, after clicking in the main letter field.

As with herbs and remedies, you can click 'stock /invoice button to print patient invoice. with rx info as well as product details - and where later you can 'stock control. The product is an individual' herb mix with patient, name date and time as identifier'

You Must click Store ( yellow button, bottom left) when you arrive at the invoice or, like all other accounts which default as Pending, it will be deleted

clicking the little box to the right of' 'herb mix hendrix' takes you to that product (see below) Products are now in Find mode, so u need to click 'show all records'

to see the other products. Jimi's mix is made from the STANDARD default herb mix (see very bottom) which is copied and personalised as u see below....