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Help on specific screens such as this one is dealt with thoroughly by the Page Help facility. Information included here is supplementary to that provided in the Page Help, which should be checked out first.


You can use the Products screen for describing, cataloguing, listing and pricing your products. There are numerous descriptive fields (including 10, user-configurable fields) and you can provide product pictures for inclusion in a built-in catalogue feature.

The evaluation data provided with CompactOffice shows what names (and uses) can be given to the user-configurable fields, in order to describe your products. The only restriction of the technique employed for describing products, is that all your products use the same descriptive names (eg. maker, weight, height or whatever). You must allow for this when deciding what descriptive names to give the product user-configurable fields.

General Information

Apart from text fields for providing product information, there is also an image field for showing a picture of each product. This field is available on the Product Description and the Product Catalogue pages.

Each product can have a picture associated with it and you can add your own product pictures by right-clicking in the image area. A menu will pop-up and you choose the Insert Picture option and then select a picture from a directory on your computer (see right-hand picture).

Alternatively, you can type a path into the field provided (see left-hand picture). All the evaluation pictures are specified with paths that are relative to the main CompactOffice directory.

Aside: All application images can be changed in this way - by right-clicking in the picture area and selecting the Insert Picture option.

Product description and product pricing fields are contained on two separate pages. The pricing page has input fields for purchasing prices, sales prices, stock levels (and low-stock level indicators), discounts, payment terms  and shipping types. This page is accessed using the Page buttons at the bottom of the work area:

The Product Catalogue is a formatted list which includes all of the user-configurable fields; the product image and sales price. In the current version of the product, no printing capabilities have been added to the catalogue. This may change in the near future.

Product Sales

You can quickly gauge product sales for any specific item you sell, using the Product Sales page. This page contains a list of the invoices which contain quantities of a specific product. You can then click on the invoice to see its details.

If you want to see invoices that include specific products, over a specific time period:

  • Use the arrow keys to choose the product

  • Type a date range in the fields (A). This produces a list of appropriate invoices.

  • Click on a specific row of the table (B), to see the details of that invoice.

Further details about this screen are available in the application's Page Help facility. If you require assistance regarding any part of the product, please contact us on: Support@CrystalSolutions.org

We can add further information fields to any of the application's screens (where there is space for the addition of fields). You can place a request with our support team, who will be happy to take down the details. However, inclusion of new information-fields into a released version of the product, depends on the general suitability of the fields in question.

Alternatively, we can provide you with a customised version of the product, at your request. For details about creating customised applications and all our other services, please e-mail our sales department on: Sales@CrystalSolutions.org