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CompactOffice Setup - Password


The setup help discussed here is supplementary to the help provided in the application's Page Help, where a thorough description is included.  Please refer to the Page Help for specific setup aspects.


The Setup - Password screen provides users with the ability to change their passwords, or to login as someone else (perhaps onto another Business Model). It provides fields to enter a new password, and buttons to save the password, cancel the changes and re-login.

  • Your user name appears at the top of the login box.

  • Type your new password twice, both in the New and Confirm New Password fields.

  • Click OK to save the password change and return to the previous screen

  • Click Cancel to return without saving changes

  • Click Login to test your changes or to login as a different user.

As a security feature, the System Administrator may occasionally need to disable a user. When a user is disabled, they will receive the following error message when they attempt to login to CompactOffice:

If this message appears, contact your support department.


If you need any assistance setting up or running the product, please e-mail our support team on Support@CompactOffice.co.uk