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is a free application for making phone calls over the Internet. A call between two Skype users is made without any charges while a call to a regular phone or a mobile phone is paid with a SkypeOut account.(Currently 1.2p per minute anywhere in the world)

Intergrated Skype Call Management in CrystalSolutions is seperated into "Simple One Call" & "Advanced multicall/ voicemail/chat and conference".

Click the Skype button on Page 1 of CrystalSolutions to Connect or choose Cancel, until you have set up the user's Skype handle and fully configured Skype in your PC or Mac. You will arrive at Simple Skype..a page where this person's phone details are added, and from where, you can add their handle or phone them direct. ....use Rollover ToolTips to Navigate........



The Advanced Integration of Skype is still in its infancy, and may need some tweaking, so if you find any inconsistencies please notify us. THX

(contacts in 'simple skype' will appear in advanced, but records created in 'advanced skype,' ( ie returned conference contacts) are kept seperate from the main system )