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Our latest version has a treatment planning area for each patient that we can show them with the achieved milestones in green and those still ongoing remaining red. (the milestones are 5 goals to be achieved by both the patient and by the practitioner) We have found this to be  particularly useful when treating chronic or naturopathic type cases where improvement and therefore motivation can be slow. To actually see what we have both achieved in a simple format can help galvanise a series of treatments.

We tend though only to use the software in clinic at the very end of a treatment, as we feel that using a computer in the room during treatment or initial asssessment distracts both patient and practitioner, and a paper and pen is just so versatile and remains the perfect way to record; its only drawback is when one wants to find any information other that alphabetical names for audit purposes and this is where our software is really helpful.

We encourage our users to put in the information at the end of the day or clinic.  It has been designed with editable drop down menus etc to allow for very quick input of patient's details - typically 15 mins for 10 patients, and that can mean as many as 100 fields of data which are then searchable at a future date for example if we want to see the number of male patients complaining of neck pain seen in Liverpool in a given time frame, we can then get a list of the relevant cases and, either further refine my search by types of treatment or then know the actual written case histories to refer to, for even more detail.