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This page is from the original Legacy! version Version 3 is here!!(2004) with easy Reception mode click here for details and see below

Faced with shelling out £$ for software I didn't really want, I set out to develop my own back in 1997 - it has since been working well for over 9 years and we have been using, developing and improving it over that time. The program is now ready for release to Complementary Practitioners worldwide.


Suitable for most therapies; Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, Massage, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reiki and already used by many therapists including Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage & Aromatherapists, Naturopaths, Herbalists, Acupuncturists, Homeopaths, Shiatsu & Reiki practitioners and Psychologists and Counselors. (We ourseves are working UK Osteopaths & Naturopaths)


It is customisable, cheap (under £60 ($87) - for the full package (Reception, Patient Detail, Accounts, Receipts, Cash Expenses, Statistics, Calendar & Booking) No extra Module Costs!


Available in Mac and Windows* format, there is a free working demo which allows for full data entry and exploration of up to 50 patient records.

*runs on Mac sys 7, 8, 9, X and Windoze '95, '98, ME, NT, XP etc...just click Mac or Windows in the download area

Spanish, French, Greek, Italian and German versions are under way (please mail us your enquiries for other language requirements) but as most fields are editable, most users can customise adequately


Support includes 3 months Free email techSupport ,

An online QUICKSTART Manual for v3 Legacy (1/12/02) -(html - it uses your browser) (a new version for V8) is already included in demo download(1/12/02)) ie/ u don't need to download it, but you might want to bookmark the link to go back to later, DO check online for new added pages (new pages not in the demo manual are asterisked * as r revised ones) There is also a pdf manual available.

Extended Support for an additional 1 year) for the Complimentary Practice Solution -email techSupport and free upgrades/updates is available for only $50 and all Registered Users can avail themselves of the Registered Users Pages/Forum/FAQ There is also a DemoUsers Comments & FAQ

As well as html and pdf manuals, Help is available within the program itself and all the main layouts have an immediate overview of all the main buttons

The package is designed for independant practitioners and has been working well in multi- discipline clinics as well.

It is split into 7 basic parts - Reception, Patient record detailed entry, Accounts & Reports, Receipts & Stationery, Statistics, Cash Expenses and Calendar & Booking..............(please click here for details of Reception & Calendar & Booking)

Record entry and retrieval with many editable fields of entry, suitable for quality audit purposes as well as basic practice requirements with many speed advantages including automatic date entry and customisable telephone codes.(it is possible also to click and dial directly from the solution) Apart from the name and address there is little need for typing as the fields are editable lists, There is a note field (searchable) where detailed notes can be entered although I prefer to keep much of those on my patient record cards.* There are container fields where you can import photos or scanned notes , films, x-rays. or even record patient specific dictated notes, mp3's etc

*One of the basic premises behind the design of this package was to continue with the advantages of pen and paper and to make use of the user's favourite software solutions- thus I, along with many others, find an ordinary diary to be far superior for booking in patients (especially in busy practices or where u r based in more than 1 place) (the programme does however have a single and multi therapist Calendar & Booking system) and it is much preferable to write patients' notes on paper when taking their history where eye contact can be maintained; I tend to put info into this package after the patient has gone or while they're dressing- I can put a typical patient into this system in under 3 minutes. You can also record patient specific dictated notes. The software does allow for import/export of data into /out of your other software- hence to accomplish a mailshot- your target list would be found using this software and then exported to your favourite programme for example to a label programme or email application (the programme will actually print labels and do a mailshot if u want). You could also import/export to your existing practise software or electronic diary. The value of this solution is its flexibility and editable searchable fields- particularly useful to find treatment approaches successfully used in the past- ie/ establish who the previous patients were and then either refer to their detailed paper case histories or use the info you've put in the solution- the extent to which you choose to use this solution is up to you- it is possible to put in detailed info but i still find my paper records superior for that, and they can be searched alphabetically very easily! Where they - card files, fall down is when you want to 'find' by condition or date or discipline or treatment approaches etc and when you need a patient's basic details quickly or their account history....


Accounts where a patient can be entered into the a/c and an editable choice of cheque, cash, credit card or 'unpaid' or 'on account' can be chosen. As with all these parts, a list view can be chosen and a search performed using any or all of the criteria required eg/ date or practice or practitioner (or combinations) or the actual patients' account history- the totals are automatically calculated. I then manually copy the month totals (cash and bank) into my accounts software and print out the sheet for the particular month which gives the IR or IRS the detail required. This income accounts part is particularly useful and avoids any necessity for making daily or weekly lists of patients seen- you can of course print these out if you want and export the data directly into an accounts package . there is a 2nd file as well which allows patients details to be kept up to date even if your accounts aren't or if you have an assistant or want to keep track of other incomes. There is now a 'one click' automated Accounts Report layout within Reception. There is also an Expenses module (for details from the manual click here) or see below


Receipts can then be printed if needed; the software allows you to insert your own letterhead or that of the clinic






Statistics are available and allow for examination of practice workings and makeup in numbers and percentages, visible in 5 Pie Diagrams - u can even design your own (again data can be exported to graphing or presentation software if required or just printed out as is....


To view the software take this link to a basic online QUICKSTART manual (please excuse its hurried nature -the pics on this page are from it! - but as I said, we are working practitioners and the practicality and reliability of this site and indeed the software and help system had, initially, priority over its 'look' . Help is in the form of pdf and html ie/ it can be viewed in your net browser or with adobe acrobat reader (searchable) and is included within the solution as well, albeit of reduced picture quality in order to reduce the size of the download.

Expenses module allows you to keep track of your expenditure - I use it for cash & card payments and at year end, extract and print out the monthly totals which also categorises the expenditure - I then put those totals into my accountants software manually










version 3 enhancements & new features

 NEW!! Version 8 is here!!(2007) click here for details

free working demo

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