"Developed and refined in Practices by Practitioners for over 10 years "

New Version 8 here now! Screenshot

What Does It Do?

Download available NOW HERE

Requires OS X 3.9 or above, or Windows XP or 2000 or above.

Free fully working (limited to 50 records) Demo available to download.....20 mb windows, Mac Universal (PPC & Intel) is closer to 50 mb

Price is £68 with 3 months email support, with options to extend for a year for ¬£30.

New Features include a completely redesigned interface making the most of 10 years of Crystalsolutions experience, alongside professional computer design. We can now offer Marketing and mass mailing - bulk mail and mergemail !! a 5 Elements page with pulse histories for Acupuncturists, Homeopathic & Herbalists benefit with remedy lists as well as a Herbal & Remedy History with auto RX evaluation and seperate Rx2/3... etc.

Treatments, Medicines and Supplements cab be swiftly added and there is an x-ray, picture and film and document area page, which can take dictated notes!!! All this with redesigned Schedules and Electronic booking, Reception with Contacts, Stationery - receipts and letters, Accounts and Statistics. A new page for Podiatrists and Reflextherapists alongside the pages designed for Physical therapists, such as Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors, allow for quick input of salient features. There is now a Product area where you can monitor Stock and Sales of goods you provide...

Multiple Users and Calendars suitable for Multi discipline Clinics with variable user access...

Take a look at the online Help files which augment the Help available for every page within the Program, along with mouseover Tooltips throughout, or look at the Quickstart here......or mouseover our Logo at the top.


Remember this is not a comprehensive input of therapeutic case history taking, which we expect to be on a Patient's written Notes. It is however designed to allow the Practitioner to record quickly, the pertinent facts of a patient's history, and treatment, and thus allow quality audit - with final reference to the patient's written notes, found alphabetically. Put simply this program (as well as keeping Accounts, Stationary, Electronic booking, Mass mailing etc) allows us to find a patient by condition, treatment and a myriad of other factors, age, sex, address, which is impossible with a simple alphabetic written system on its own. Thus, for example Podiatry case taking, is simplified enormously but can be input-ed at the end of the day very swiftly, and along with the other pages, allows a good detailed snapshot of the patient seen earlier. Similiarly with Acupuncture, i was asked by a colleague for a way to compare pulse histories of a patient, and this i think we have achieved, the practitioner being able to reference further info from their written notes, but an immediate comparison can be seen when comparing the different treatment dates and outcomes. This is true for most of the Therapies referenced in the program including Herbalism & Homeopathy.


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